About Us


We are committed to provide the most efficient and valuable services to our clients while ensuring our recycling operation produce the minimum impact to our environment.

KYO Proudly

contributes to the Government GREEN IS GOOD! campaign by serving the overwhelming demands of handling and recycling hazardous end of life and obsolete electronic waste in the State of California. At KYO, no hazardous material is shipped overseas!!

KYO Computer

was founded in 2002 in support of repair & reuse of Computer Electronics.


Our Service

Buy, Sell and Repair

  • In additional to our Electronic Recycling service, now KYO is evolving yet to adapt to the ever-changing business environment and economy by repairing used LCD/LED panels and monitors in-house, and selling them less expensive than other companies.

  • With our state-of-the-art clean room and experienced technicians, our panels and monitors are made like-new once repaired and refurbished.

  • KYO has inventory for LCD/LED Monitors ranging in size 16" to 50." Brands include Dell, HP, Viewsonic, & more.

Electronics Recycling

  • KYO Computer Inc. partners with California State Collectors & Handlers. We offer free delivery and pickup in Northern California or you can bring it to our convenient drop off site located conveniently in Hayward, CA.
  • Bring us your end-of-life or obsolete E-waste, CPU's, CRT Monitors, CRT TV's Fax Machines, Copiers, Laptops, LCD Monitors & More!
  • We will recycle for reuse in the USA, nothing gets shipped overseas!


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