Electronics Recycling

Our services

  • KYO Computer Inc. partners with California State Collectors & Handlers. We offer free delivery and pickup in Northern California or you can bring it to our convenient drop off site located conveniently in Hayward, CA.

  • Bring us your end-of-life or obsolete E-waste, CPU's, CRT Monitors, CRT TV's Fax Machines, Copiers, Laptops, LCD Monitors & More!

  • We will recycle for reuse in the USA, nothing gets shipped overseas!

Buy, Sell and Repair

Additional Information

  • In additional to our Electronic Recycling service, now KYO is evolving yet to adapt to the ever-changing business environment and economy by repairing used LCD/LED panels and monitors in-house, and selling them less expensive than other companies.
  • With our state-of-the-art clean room and experienced technicians, our panels and monitors are made like-new once repaired and refurbished.
  • KYO has inventory for LCD/LED Monitors ranging in size 16" to 50." Brands include Dell, HP, Viewsonic, & more.