About Us


  • KYO Computer Inc. was founded in 2002 in support of repair & reuse of Computer Electronics.
  • It eventually evolved into a State Certified Electronic Waste Recycler (CEW #102208) in 2006 to dismantle and recycle all types of electronic devices under the strict state electronic waste-handling and recycling regulations.

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KYO proudly contributes to the Government GREEN IS GOOD! campaign by serving the overwhelming demands of handling and recycling hazardous end of life and obsolete electronic waste in the State of California. 

At KYO, no hazardous material is shipped overseas!!


KYO actively supports California Electronic Waste Handlers and collectors by providing logistics and recycling services to keep CRT Monitors, CRT TV's, Computers, Fax Machines, copiers and all other electronic waste out of the landfills.